Using a Pole Building in Pittsburgh for Storage

pole building in Pittsburgh

Two of the most common reasons people invest in a new pole building in Pittsburgh are to store vehicles/equipment and to provide a living space for their livestock. However, one other reason many people are adding a new structure to their property is for an additional place for basic storage. This article will cover some of the best ways that owners of custom pole barns in Pittsburgh are using their structure for storage and some of the added benefits that come along with it.

No Monthly Storage Fees

If you rent a small lot from a storage facility, you may be paying $50 a month for smaller units and much more for larger units designed for vehicles and equipment. Pittsburgh pole buildings can eliminate that monthly bill from your budget while you enjoy the fact that all your possessions are a short walk away and on your property.

pole building in Pittsburgh

Adds Value to Your Property

Detached structures are a great way to increase the value of your land if you are considering selling in the future. With the prices of lumber and materials skyrocketing over the last few months, a pole building in Pittsburgh is worth significantly more than a few months ago.

Clears Up Garage Clutter

Attached garages are supposed to be where homeowners park their cars, but many garages just become storage areas for junk, projects, bicycles, sports equipment, etc. Pittsburgh pole buildings can play an important role in getting garages cleaned up and decluttered. With the open floor plan of a new metal building, you can get creative on how you want to store all your items that were previously an unorganized mess in your garage.

pole building in Pittsburgh

Excellent Storage Option for Seasonal Items

When winter rolls around, where does your boat go? Or how about if you own a golf cart, razor, or four-wheeler? In the past, you probably had to store these items at a rental facility or park them in the garage and leave your everyday vehicles outside. Pittsburgh post frame buildings can provide great storage for all of your summer recreational vehicles and other seasonal supplies. Items like patio furniture, lawn care supplies, and Christmas decorations are also common items that people will store in a custom pole barn in Pittsburgh.

pole building in Pittsburgh

No matter what you plan on using your new structure for, our custom post frame builders in Pittsburgh are ready to tackle your next project. Our crews have built countless barns, garages, and storage facilities and would love to add one to your property today. So if you have property in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Western Maryland, give our team a call today.

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