Ways to Enhance Your New Custom Horse Barn in Ohio

Custom Horse Barn Builders in Ohio

As one of the leading custom horse barn builders in Ohio, MQS Structures knows that our clients will do just about anything to take care of their horses. It’s important as an animal owner to make sure that all horses have the proper food supply, stay hydrated, and they get adequate veterinary attention. One other important part of owning animals is providing the proper facility for them to live in.

Our team at MQS Structures knows that being one of the most trusted horse barn builders in Ohio means that we need to build facilities for our clients that fit their needs. For horse owners, there are several things you may want to add to your facility after it is built, so it is important to have a structure to fit those future additions.

Here are some of the most popular additions that are made to many custom pole barns in Ohio that are used for horses.

Extra Stalls

You may have the intention of only having one or two horses initially, but sometimes circumstances change. What if one day you expand to 3 or 4 horses? Or more? Many custom horse barn builders in Ohio recommend adding extra stalls just in case. Even if those stalls are unoccupied, they can still be used for storage or potentially to house other farm animals.

Custom Horse Barn Builders in Ohio


Doors and windows are a critical component of any structure, and that includes Ohio custom pole barns for horses. Without fresh air circulating the building, the air can become very stale, dry, and unhealthy. This can lead to potential health problems for horses and any other animals living inside. It is important to open the doors and windows throughout the day if the weather conditions allow for it.

Cupolas are often added the help give your structure more of a traditional barn look. However, they help air circulate through horse barns as well. Many cupolas have fans which require electricity to operate. If you add a cupola to your pole building in Ohio, it’s just another way to keep the air fresh and keep your horses healthy.

Adding a Tack Room

A tack room is one of the most commonly used areas of any horse barn. It is where numerous supplies are stored for horses, including:

  • Blankets
  • Saddles
  • Bridles
  • Brushes
  • Various Other Equipment or Supplies

A tack room is typically the room where a horse is prepped to go out for a ride. Also, if you don’t have a designated place to clean your horse after riding, the tack room is a good spot.

Custom Horse Barn Builders in Ohio

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