What Caused the Lumber Shortage of 2021?

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If you watched the news during the past calendar year, you likely saw reports of shortages in numerous different industries. One that was significantly impacted was the lumber industry, which directly affects the construction industry, including those who build pole buildings in Cumberland.

We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic had a lot to do with some of the shortages we witnessed in many different industries. The demand for lumber actually skyrocketed during the pandemic, which is why many places were low on various lumber supplies, making it difficult for some Cumberland custom post frame builders to complete projects.

In this article, we will talk more specifically about other that came up during the pandemic, which played a significant role in the lumber shortage that impacted Cumberland pole barn builders. These factors include:

  • Government Stimulus Checks
  • Widespread Housing Shortages
  • DIY Home Improvement Projects
  • Labor Shortage

Government Stimulus Checks

The pandemic took a major toll on many families financially. Many people lost jobs and were out of work, especially those in the restaurant and entertainment industries. However, some employers were relatively unaffected, so they kept working. Many had to switch from office jobs to working remotely from home, but financially they experienced no significant losses.

For those families that didn’t experience hardships, many still received a government stimulus check. Often, these checks were used to fund down payments on new homes, renovations, or new Cumberland pole buildings, which required large amounts of lumber.

Pole Buildings in Cumberland

Widespread Housing Shortages

There was a lot of panic initially in the housing industry because there was concern that the housing market would slow down significantly or possibly collapse. Instead, the opposite happened, the housing market exploded! The demand for new homes (including pole buildings in Cumberland) increased substantially, which caused an imbalance between supply and demand. This was a major factor in the lumber price increase and why lumber became more and more difficult to find.

Home Improvement Projects

When we were all confined to our homes for several weeks, many people took this opportunity to tackle some DIY projects they had been putting off. Ambitious DIYers were heading to their local hardware store and stocking up on lumber supplies so they could fix up their homes exactly the way they have always wanted.

With this spike in retail lumber sales, it was difficult for the lumber industry to keep up with the demand. This resulted in lower inventories for retailers and higher prices on the lumber that they did have in stock at the time.

Labor Shortage

Countless industries are looking for help, and the lumber industry is one of them. When the pandemic hit, domestic lumber distributors struggled to find people willing to work. This included laborers, truck drivers, and numerous other positions within the industry. It became very challenging for the lumber industry to fill all the order requests, especially while operating with limited employees.

Pole Buildings in Cumberland

Despite the lumber shortage, MQS Structures is still going strong. Our team of Cumberland post frame builders will help design and construct the perfect hobby shop, garage, shed, or barn to fit your needs.

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