What Sports Can You Play in a Cumberland Pole Barn

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As one of the leading Cumberland pole barn buildersMQS Structures has completed many projects where it may look like a typical barn on the exterior, but the barn owner has something else in mind for the interior.  Many of our Cumberland custom pole barns are built for the purpose of giving athletes a place to train or practice during inclement weather.

Let’s take a look at some of the different sports that can be played inside custom pole barns in Cumberland.


During the harsh winter months, basketball is a difficult sport to practice while outside.  Many college, high school, and rec league basketball teams have their season during the winter, so it’s hard to stay sharp and practice on your own without a good indoor facility.

Cumberland pole barn builders

A custom Cumberland post frame building has the height and width to accommodate at least half of a basketball court, if not a full 94foot court (depending on the size of your building).  Just make sure you have a smooth playing surface so that the ball bounces true and that you have good footing for your basketball workouts.


Obviously, you won’t be able to hold a full baseball game in a Cumberland agricultural building, but there should be ample space to play catch, set up a batting cage, set up a movable pitching mound, or install some artificial field turf to field ground balls.  Baseball is a sport that requires calm weather conditions, so having a place to train and practice during the winter could give you a leg up on the competition when the season starts in the spring. 

Cumberland pole barn builders


Again, there is not nearly enough capacity in a Cumberland pole building to hold an entire football game, but doing drills and workouts should not be a problem.  With field turf installed, you can run passing routes, simulate plays, and work on your footwork or technique no matter what the conditions are like outside.  Quarterbacks can set up targets and strengthen their passing skills and accuracy inside their one-of-a-kind workout facility.


There’s no real way to simulate skating on the ice, but in a Cumberland post frame garage you can still work on your shooting accuracy and your slap shot by setting up a hockey goal and firing away!  You may want to look into adding some padding for the walls though, as flying hockey pucks can definitely leave a mark on anything that gets in their way.

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Many soccer fields now are turning to field turf as their playing surface, so if there’s a soccer player in your family, give them an area to train in your pole barn by adding a field turf surface and a soccer goal.  There should be plenty of space to work on footwork, passing, dribbling, and shooting drills inside your unique mini soccer field.

Cumberland pole barn builders

If you or a member of your family is a serious athlete needs a place to perfect those skills in the off-season, contact the premier Cumberland pole barn buildersMQS Structures, at (855) MQS-3334 or go online to receive a free estimate.

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