What to Include in a Horse Barn Design

What to Include in a Horse Barn Design

Are you building a new home for your beloved horses? These animals deserve a roomy, comfortable, and clean place to live just like us humans do. When you work with custom horse barn builders to design your barn, you will quickly find that there are many features to choose from. To help ease your stress and make sure you choose all the right things, here’s what our custom horse barn builders in Ohio say to include in a horse barn design.

Tack Room

An obvious feature any custom horse barn should have is a tack room. A tack room provides dedicated storage space for everything your horse needs, including saddles, helmets, blankets, wraps, harnesses, and much more. Some people even choose to add a washer, dryer and sink in their tack room to keep their riding equipment and blankets clean.

Dutch Door

A Dutch door is a door that splits into two sections. These kinds of doors are an excellent feature to add in each horse stall to give your horses a chance to pop their heads outside without leaving the stall. Dutch doors also provide much-needed ventilation that all agricultural buildings need.

horse barn with three dutch doors

Attic Space

Including an attic space in the design of your new horse barn is always a good idea. Many people use the open attic space to store hay. It makes it easy to drop a bundle of hay into a horse’s stall.


Proper ventilation is essential to remove stale air from a horse barn. Manure can quickly fill a barn with strong odors and bacteria that can be harmful to you and your horse’s health. Incorporating a cupola is one way to improve ventilation in a barn and is something every barn should have.

Wash Stall

An interior wash stall is a wonderful amenity to a horse barn. Horses deserve to be clean, especially if they are show horses. Including a wash stall inside your barn is a great feature to have, especially if you need to clean your horse on a rainy day.

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