Why Install Cupolas on Your New Pole Barn?

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You may have seen cupolas on buildings before but didn’t know what they are called or what purpose they serve. Cupolas are the small structures that stick up from the roof on many barns, churches, courthouses, or other buildings. They often have a weathervane on top and vents or windows to allow additional air circulation and light into the building. Cupolas are a practical and attractive part of many Ohio pole barns.


Cupolas Are a Great Way to Make Simple Pole Barns in Ohio More Aesthetically Pleasing

Because cupolas are not strictly necessary for pole barns in Ohio, many owners choose not to include them when they build. However, if you want to make your pole barn stand out––cupolas are a great way to achieve that goal. Don’t forget that if you take special care to make your new Ohio pole barn attractive, this can increase its appeal to potential buyers and possibly even its resale value.


Cupolas Are an Efficient Way to Increase Ventilation in Your Pole Building in Ohio

There is a reason that cupolas are such an enduring element of barn design––they work! Regardless of what you use your custom pole barn in Ohio for, it needs ventilation. Buildings that lack proper ventilation retain excessive levels of moisture inside, leading to mold, corrosion, and structural damage.

Barns used to house animals, or store farm products need more ventilation than other types of buildings. The additional ventilation provided by cupolas helps maintain air quality inside for animals and prevent damage to hay, plants, or other perishables stored inside.

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Cupolas Help Keep You Barn Cooler in the Summer

In the hot summer months, the sun shines down and quickly heats up metal Ohio pole buildings. The hot air remains trapped inside without an escape route and gets even hotter. However, a properly ventilated building permits hot air to escape through ridge vents, doors, windows, cupolas, or some combination of these. This makes a huge difference for the inside temperature.

Cupolas aren’t the right choice for every building, but they can be an excellent addition to many projects.


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