Why Using Cumberland Custom Post Frame Builders is a Smart Choice for Commercial Buildings

Cumberland custom post frame builders

More and more, businesses in need of a new commercial building are hiring Cumberland custom post frame builders to complete the job. There are numerous advantages to using Cumberland post frame buildings, and this article will explain some of the most significant benefits.

Versatile Design

With all the latest materials and techniques available today, post frame buildings in Cumberland can be designed to match nearly any neighborhood. With a commercial building, you don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, so adapting to your neighbors’ style is always recommended.

post frame garage in Cumberland or a commercial building can have natural lighting options added to it like windows, garage doors, and lighter colored roof panels to allow enough sunlight to illuminate the building using minimal electricity. The exterior can be accented with wainscot, while the roofing and exterior walls can be your choice of color; basically, the different design combinations are nearly endless.

Easy to Customize the Interior

After your new commercial building is constructed by Cumberland custom post frame builders, the next step is to work on the interior. The interior walls and rooms can be set up as needed to fit your desired layout. These walls can be easily moved in the future since they are not load-bearing, and you can continue to customize each room’s dimensions to fit the needs of your commercial building.

Cumberland custom post frame builders

Large Entryways

Many homes and office buildings only have small doors for people to enter and leave, but that is the exact opposite when it comes to a commercial Cumberland post frame building. The entryways for many commercial buildings are large garage doors, making it easy for trucks to back into or to move large items and out of the facility.

Energy Efficient

post frame building in Cumberland will be constructed with far larger spacing between the support beams; this is a much more energy-efficient option than “stick-frame” buildings whose spacing is much more narrow. Insulation can be installed with much fewer breaks in a post frame building since the spacing allows for larger insulation pieces. Basically, a good rule of thumb is, “the more studs in the wall, the more energy than can be conducted through the walls.”

Cumberland custom post frame builders

If you are looking for a new commercial building to support your business, talk to the premier Cumberland custom post frame buildersMQS Structures. Our team will help you design the perfect commercial building for all your business’s needs. To get started, give us a call at (855) MQS-3334, or go online to receive a free estimate.

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