Why Wainscot is a Good Choice for Ohio Farm Buildings

Ohio farm buildings

The exterior of your Ohio farm building is important for many reasons.  It not only protects the contents inside your building, but the outside appearance can help make your building stand out.  One popular choice for many building owners is using wainscot for their building’s exterior. 

Wainscot is the steel paneling on the exterior of many Ohio agricultural buildings.  It is a very functional material as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  This article will dive deeper into why many custom post frame builders in Ohio recommend wainscot for Ohio farm buildings. 

Three of the most popular reasons for choosing wainscot are: 


  • Gives Your Building Visual Appeal 
  • Adds a Protective Layer to Your Building 
  • More Replaceable than Other Materials 

Visual Appeal 

Adding wainscot to a pole building in Ohio gives it that extra level of detail that makes it stand out.  Typically, many building owners choose to have the color of their wainscot match the color of the building’s roof.  It gives the building more character and an extra level of color as it is usually a different color than the rest of the exterior walls (see picture below). 

Ohio farm buildings

Adds Protection 

On the outside, many people notice how nice wainscot looks, but more importantly, it serves a purpose in protecting the building.  The lower portions of the exterior wall are more vulnerable to dents, dirt, debris, and moisture from the ground.  Adding this extra layer of wainscot will help keep your Ohio pole building safe from all of mother nature’s elements.  

Easily Replaceable 

Though wainscot is a very durable material, but if there is an accident or a severe storm that damages your building’s wainscot, the wainscot panels can be easily replaced.  Wainscot is typically made in small sections three to four feet tall, so replacing one section is much less difficult than replacing a full sixteen-foot metal panel.  The price for smaller sections of wainscot is much more reasonable than a full panel as well. 

Ohio farm buildings

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