Choosing the Ideal Construction Site for Your Pole Barn

Amish barn builders in Ohio

As one of the top Amish barn builders in Ohio, MQS Structures knows there are many factors to consider when building a new barn.  One of the most important is location.  Obviously, if you have a lot of acreage to work with, then you have many options to choose from.  This article may help you narrow down your options a bit.   

Below is a list of questions you may want to ask regarding farm buildings in Ohio.  These can help ensure that you have considered all the factors to choose the perfect spot for your new barn. 

  • Is it easily accessible? 
  • How level is the terrain? 
  • Is the climate ideal for a new structure? 
  • Is there still room for expansion in the future? 


Some people find that a new barn would be ideal in a more secluded location.  However, what if you want electricity or water access in your new barn?  Many pole barn builders in Ohio suggest making sure that you consider this before you build.  Also, if you were ever to host guests for a gathering, or plan on turning part of your barn into a game room of some sort, you would need to make sure you have access to those essential utilities. 

Level Terrain 

Having a flat surface to build your new barn on is always a bonus.  

“A level terrain will save you additional costs that may incur should you pick an uneven surface.”

If the slope is slightly uneven, it can usually be leveled out with some extra topsoil.   


Ensure that all the factors of the weather are considered when you choose your location for custom pole barns in Ohio.  Do you wish to have the main doors facing the sunrise or sunset?  Would you rather have them facing north or south instead?  Alsoconsider which direction the wind typically blows so that you can receive proper airflow inside your structure. 

Amish barn builders in Ohio 


Many Amish barn builders in Ohio suggest leaving room to expand your building in the future should your situation change.  Maybe you’ll add another piece of heavy equipment, or you need to house additional livestock.  Ask a member of our team for recommendations on what would be an ideal location for your barn should you choose to expand in the future.   

You can call us at (855) 677-3334, and we’ll be glad to get you headed in the right direction when it comes to picking the perfect spot for your new pole building in Ohio.



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