Questions You Should Ask Before Constructing a Pole Building

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When considering the possibility of constructing a pole building in Ohio, there are many factors to consider. It is best to think through your build as much as you can before committing to a design, budget, and location. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of questions to help our customers prepare to build pole buildings in Ohio.




  1. What local building codes in my area apply to pole barn construction?
  2. Where will I locate my building on my property? Does it need to be a certain distance from the property line, nearby road, or power lines?
  3. Do I want plumbing for a wash area, garden hose, bathroom, or shower? Will I want plumbing in the future?
  4. Do I want electricity in my new barn? [Most custom pole barns in Ohio have electricity.]
  5. How will light the inside of my barn? Will I use electric lights, skylights, windows, or sidelight belts?
  6. What will I store in my barn?
  7. How big do my barn doors or bay doors need to be? How big is the biggest piece of equipment I will store in my barn?
  8. How strong are the winds in my area? What wind speeds do my barn need to withstand?
  9. What is the required snow load for barns in my area?
  10. How much money do I plan on spending for my barn? What happens if I go over budget?
  11. Do I plan on insulating my barn at the time of construction or in the future?
  12. Will I build my barn myself or hire post frame builders in Ohio?
  13. Is the builder I plan to hire experienced, licensed, and insured?
  14. What kind of floor do I want in my barn? Dirt? Gravel? Cement?
  15. How much will it cost to insure my pole barn?
  16. What other pole buildings in Ohio have I seen that I like?
  17. Is the land where I want to build already level? Will I have to do significant site preparation before building?
  18. What building mistakes have I observed in other pole buildings in Ohio that I want to avoid?
  19. Does my barn floor need a drain? If so, what kind?
  20. How will I secure my barn from potential thieves?

Hopefully, this list has helped you consider some of the most critical questions related to barn design and perhaps led you to more questions you need to consider.

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