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Make Your Pole Barn Energy Efficient

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

Environmental issues are a prevalent topic of conversation in today’s society. Many people are going out of their way to find more sustainable products and make “green” apart of their lifestyle. If you’re looking to construct a pole building in Ohio sometime soon, there are a few easy ways to make your pole barn energy efficient.


For starters, post frame buildings in Ohio already conserve a decent amount of energy and are very sustainable structures. However, one way to gain even more energy efficiency in a pole building in Ohio is by installing a reflective radiant barrier under the roof. How does this help? Well, most pole barns lose energy through the roof and from the high ceilings. So, this barrier contains small air pockets that provides insulation between the outer roof and the vinyl coating.

Roof Color

One easy way to save a substantial amount of energy is by choosing a lighter color roof. A light color will help reflect the sun’s rays and ultimately keep the interior of your farm buildings in Ohio cool. Choosing a light color roof is especially smart for those in warmer climates. However, in Ohio, you can get away with a darker color roof because of the weather we experience.


Installing energy-efficient features, such as the doors and windows, is another way to keep custom pole barns in Ohio energy efficient. For instance, low-E glass windows are designed to keep energy inside a building. Fluorescent lighting is another feature you can include in your barn, as they use much less energy than other types of lighting.

For more tips on how to keep your agricultural buildings in Ohio energy efficient, give us a call at (855) 677-3334. MQS Structures is a leading post frame construction company building custom pole barns in Ohio. You can receive a quote from us by giving us a call or filling out our online form today!

What Makes Pole Barns Cost-Effective?

What Makes Pole Barns Cost-Effective?

If you are looking into constructing farm buildings in Ohio on your property, you’ll find that there are a couple of methods of construction. One method you will hear about is post frame construction (also known as pole barns). When you compare the costs between post frame and other methods – like stick frame – you’ll quickly notice that a significant advantage of post frame is its cost-effectiveness. But what makes pole barns cost-effective?

Short Construction Time

The first factor that makes post frame buildings in Ohio less expensive than other methods is the amount of time it takes to construct. When most people think of construction time on a building, they typically think a few weeks to a few months. However, custom post frame builders in Ohio can construct a pole barn in less than a week. The short construction time on pole barns is just one way that makes them a cost-effective option.

Fewer Materials

How is it possible for barn builders to erect a pole building in Ohio in under a week? Because post frame construction requires minimal wall, roof, footing, and foundation materials. For instance, post frame buildings in Ohio place posts directly into the ground, resulting in no foundation costs. This helps reduce both construction time and cost.

Cost of Materials

Along with reduced labor times and fewer materials, the costs of materials used to construct custom pole barns in Ohio are generally less expensive than other building methods. However, this doesn’t mean pole barns are of poor quality. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Post frame buildings are designed to stand the test of time and withstand all kinds of severe weather.

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Benefits of Pole Barns for Workshops

Benefits of Pole Barns for Workshops

Do you have a hobby that requires a decent amount of space? Woodworking, painting, pottery, and automotive repair are just a few examples of hobbies that need a dedicated area for working and storing supplies and equipment. When you opt for a separate space for your hobby, there are many benefits of pole barns for workshops.

Open Space

The first benefit of constructing a pole building in Ohio for a hobby shop is the open space they provide. Many people prefer pole barns because of how spacious they are inside once construction is complete. Most hobbies, like the ones we mentioned above, require plenty of room to work and store large equipment.


Low Cost

The most notable advantage of post frame buildings in Ohio is their low cost. Compared to other methods of construction, post frame is very cost-effective. This is because custom pole barns in Ohio don’t require a foundation. Instead, wood posts are placed a few feet into the ground. Another way post frame construction is cost-effective is the short labor time. For instance, it only takes our custom post frame builders in Ohio less than a week to construct a barn.


Lastly, pole barns are a very customizable structure. Just like a traditional home, you can customize your garage hobby shop in Ohio however you want. From the color of the exterior walls and roof, doors, windows, size, and other finishing touches, a pole barn can be customized to your liking. For example, many pole barns have a garage door for easy access and to bring large equipment through. There are many different garage door designs to choose from to make your barn more customized.


If you are interested in installing one of our custom pole barns in Ohio to serve as your workshop, give the team at MQS Structures a call today. We have a proven track record of installing beautiful, quality post frame buildings in Ohio.

Three Pole Barn Maintenance Tips

Three Pole Barn Maintenance Tips

Post frame buildings in Ohio are unique in that they don’t require a ton of maintenance. However, if you want to get the most out of your pole barn and have it last decades, some maintenance is necessary. Here are three pole barn maintenance tips according to our custom horse barn builders in Ohio.

Look Out for Leaks

A common problem agricultural buildings in Ohio can experience is a water leak. It can be fairly tricky to spot a leak, which is why we recommend keeping an eye out for them, especially after a severe rainstorm. The second you notice a water leak, you should fix it right away – no matter how small it may be. If left untreated, the leak will grow and ultimately cause serious problems. 

Clean the Exterior Walls

Over time, pole barns receive their fair share of wear and tear. This is especially true if you live in an area that receives frequent high-winds. Driving too close to a barn can also impact the side of your building by kicking up rocks and pebbles, leaving small dents in the steel. Every few years or so, we suggest pressure washing the exterior of your farm buildings in Ohio to prevent them from deteriorating, as well as replacing the wainscot if it becomes very damaged.

Inspect Doors and Windows

Along with looking out for leaks and cleaning the exterior walls, it’s also a good idea to inspect the doors and windows of your pole building in Ohio. Garage doors and sliding doors can degrade over time and ultimately stop functioning. The older your doors are, the more likely drafts and leaks will occur. If you haven’t looked at your doors and windows in a while, it’s a good idea to do so and seal up any drafts you may find.

For more tips and tricks regarding custom pole barns in Ohio, continue following along with our blog page. You can also request a quote on our website to receive more information about our farm buildings in Ohio. Contact us today!

How to Pressure Wash a Pole Barn

How to Pressure Wash a Pole Barn

Spring is an excellent time to not only clean inside your farm buildings in Ohio, but the outside as well. Winter weather can really dirty up the exterior walls of a pole barn by leaving dirt and grime. If left untreated, a pole barn is likely to rust and deteriorate. This spring, take your cleaning outdoors by pressure washing the side of your building. Continue reading to learn how to pressure wash a pole barn.

Get a Pressure Washer

The first thing you’ll need to do before cleaning your pole building in Ohio is to either rent or buy a pressure washer. You can either purchase one at your local hardware store for relatively cheap or rent one from a pressure washer distributor or home improvement store.

Prep the Building

Once you have a pressure washer, you’ll then need to prep your post frame buildings in Ohio. Start by removing any foreign objects that may be lying around the building. Everything else, like shrubs and bushes, should be covered with a tarp to avoid getting covered with detergent. Any electrical outlets, utility boxes, and lights should also be covered. You will also want to shut off the power at the breakers.

After removing any objects and covering plants and outlets, grab a broom and lightly wipe away any spider webs and dirt. Once this is complete, our custom post frame builders in Ohio recommend spraying the sides with plain water from the pressure washer for a pre-soak.

Using the Pressure Washer

Once your pole building in Ohio has been lightly sprayed, it will then be time to increase the pressure and add detergent to the mix. It’s important not to use too high of a pressure setting to avoid peeling the paint. Be sure to apply pressure washer-specific detergent – not just any detergent. On a low-medium pressure level, spray the building in sections by working from top to bottom.

After the building has been washed with detergent, rinse it with fresh water to remove any leftover detergent.

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At MQS Structures, we build top-of-the-line custom pole barns in Ohio. Even though our buildings require minimal maintenance, it is always a good idea to keep them clean so that they retain their beauty for years. Request a quote today right on our website.

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