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Different Ways You Can Use a Pole Barn

From commercial usage to residential, there are no limits to what a pole barn can be used for. At MQS Structures, we’ve seen our custom pole barns in Ohio built for just about everything.

Whether you need extra space for storage or an affordable building option when starting a business, consider building a pole barn to fit your needs! If you’re interested in the different ways you can use a pole barn for more than just agricultural buildings in Ohio, read on.

Pole barns are ideal for warehouses, as you can make a pole barn as big as you need. By adding split siding doors or steel insulated garage doors, you can quickly move large equipment in and out.

Do you have an RV, large lake floaties, lawn equipment, or just a lot of stuff? Custom post frame builders in Ohio have constructed many pole barns for the intended use of storage.

You can never go wrong with extra garage space. If you have several cars, antique cars, a camper, or off-road vehicles, pole barns make for an excellent garage. If you already have a pole building in Ohio as a garage and need more room, you can always add a partly closed lean-to.

Hobby Shop
Does your hobby require quite a bit of space? Hobbies like painting, woodwork, and auto repair are all great examples of hobbies that could benefit from the space a pole building in Ohio can provide.

Pole barns are very beneficial farm buildings in Ohio. From housing horses to an indoor riding arena, equestrian centers need a lot of space, and pole barns can provide that at a decent price. Optimize your barn with more storage by working with Amish horse barn builders in Ohio to build stairs that lead to attic space. An attic is a great spot to store hay.

Advantages of Pole Barns



When looking to construct farm buildings in Ohio, you will find there is no better framing system than that of pole barns. At MQS Structures, we build custom pole barns in Ohio for those looking to add an affordable and durable building that will last. Pole barns are built using post-frame construction. Post-frame is a wood-frame building system that has become the method of choice when constructing commercial, industrial, recreational, and agricultural buildings. There are many advantages of pole barns that make it an extremely popular choice among Amish barn builders in Ohio.

One of the most significant benefits of pole barns is its affordability. Pole barns don’t require a concrete foundation or as much material for construction than traditional barns do.

A pole barn doesn’t have to solely be used for what people typically think a barn is. Pole barns can serve as agricultural buildings in Ohio, a residential structure, a garage, a hobby shop or man cave, a recreational center, commercial space, storage and so much more! There are no limits to what you can use a pole building in Ohio for.

Less Material
As mentioned earlier, what makes a pole barn very affordable is the minimal amount of material needed. Unlike a stick or metal frame structure, pole barn framing can span much further in width and provide a broad, open space that doesn’t require load-bearing walls or intrusive columns.

Quick to Build
Because pole barns don’t have an intense framing process or structure, custom post frame builders in Ohio can construct a pole barn in the fraction of the time of a traditional barn.

Not only are pole barns versatile, they are also extremely customizable as well. At MQS Structures, our Amish barn builders in Ohio offer our customers a variety of useful amenities they can add to their barn. From different exterior colors, wainscot, insulated windows, cupolas, and overhangs, you can customize your barn to your needs.

Saving Money When Building Your Pole Barn

Post Frame Building Options Agricultural buildings in Ohio | Amish barn builders in Ohio

When designing the plan for your custom pole building in Ohio, you want to make sure it is has everything you need, is built to your standards, and includes beautiful features… but without breaking your bank. While custom pole barns in Ohio are a relatively inexpensive building option, you still want to make sure you don’t end up in a huge financial pickle.

Here are eight simple money-saving tricks to consider when discussing your design plan with custom post frame builders in Ohio.

1. Research your options on contractors and ask the right questions. Amish barn builders in Ohio who have a background in pole buildings are highly skilled professionals who will provide quality customer service and ensure you are making the best decisions for your building.

2. Wider spaced columns will allow you to save both time and money on labor. The spacing of columns is generally between 6 to 10 feet. With a careful design to reduce the number of columns and trusses needed, you’ll reduce your bill by a good amount.

3. Adding wainscot to the lower section of the exterior will protect your building from any abuse and dents it may receive from large equipment. Replacing a section of wainscot is much cheaper and easier than replacing the entire wall.

4. Sliding doors instead of overhead garage doors are generally a less expensive door option. For agricultural farm buildings in Ohio, sliding doors are a great option, as they are easy to use and can open as far as you need. This, in turn, helps retain heat.

5. Choose add-ons wisely. It’s not wrong to want your building looking attractive on the inside and out; however, choosing too many add-ons can quickly raise your bill. From cupolas to overhangs, research your options and carefully select what add-ons will benefit you and your building the most.

6. Choosing durable materials will allow you to save money in the long run. While there may be cheaper options available for siding and doors, you can save money up front by investing in the more durable materials that are a tad more expensive. As a result, you’ll spend less on repairs in the future.

7. Control condensation before it begins by either installing a commercial membrane or purchasing DripStop. Both will protect against and control condensation in your building, if it is not insulated. This can save you thousands of dollars rather than investing in ceiling insulation.

8. Appropriate insulation is critical in saving money on your pole barn. There are many insulation material options to choose from, so carefully consider which one will be best for your pole building in Ohio. For example, a steel liner system is much cheaper than drywall and is easier to install.

When discussing with custom post frame builders in Ohio, communicate your budget with your contractor so they can help ensure you’re receiving the most bang for your buck.

Flooring Options for Pole Barns in Ohio

Agricultural buildings in Ohio | Amish barn builders in Ohio


Just like selecting the right size, style, and additional features for your custom pole barns in Ohio is important, so is selecting the right flooring. Because pole barns can be used a variety of different things, choosing the appropriate flooring is a critical step in completing your new building.

Custom post frame builders in Ohio understand that not everyone is familiar with the different flooring options available for pole barns. We want you to feel confident when choosing your floor, so the following are some of the most common types of flooring for custom pole barns in Ohio.



Commonly used for- warehouses, storage, manufacturing, agricultural barns

  • Benefits- highly durable, easy to clean, leveled, supportive for heavy loads
  • Disadvantages- strains horse bones and joints easily


Commonly used for- equestrian centers

  • Benefits- economical, soft on animals hoofs/legs, easily replaceable
  • Disadvantages- uneven, possibility of flooding, repair periodically, drainage issues

Rubber Mats

Commonly used for- equestrian centers, poultry barns, livestock

  • Benefits- gentle on animals bones, joints and ligaments, easy to clean, sanitary, produce less dust
  • Disadvantages- more expensive, poor absorption


Commonly used for- residential

  • Benefits- easy to walk on, attractive, highly durable, easy to clean, low maintenance, leveled
  • Disadvantages- slippery when wet, retains odor, gaps allow for damage


When choosing what to floor your pole barn in Ohio with, first ask yourself what you will be using your building for the most. Obviously, if you are using your pole barn as an office or storage space, you will want to go with wood or concrete. If you are building agricultural buildings in Ohio, a combination of both rubber mats and sand may be a good idea.

As trusted custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS Structures is ready to help you design and construct your building. We can then offer our expertise and professional opinion on what flooring would be best for your pole barn. We specialize in horse barns, garage and hobby shops, agricultural, and farm buildings in Ohio. Contact us at 855-677-3334 today.

Common Pole Barn Maintenance Procedures & Improvements

Agricultural buildings in Ohio | Amish barn builders in Ohio

Throughout the year, nature will always find a way to wreak havoc and cause damage to your custom pole barns in Ohio.  From our property to our buildings, nature will always find a way.  When building an owning farm buildings in Ohio, specific maintenance procedures must be done and kept up with to maintain the quality that the Amish barn builders in Ohio intended.  Custom horse barn builders in Ohio build barns for owners of all kinds, but the barns that last are the barns that are maintained accordingly.  Here are some common pole barn maintenance procedures for pole buildings in Ohio.



Many older agricultural buildings in Ohio have ridge lights installed that are made of fiberglass.  Over time, UV rays and other natural weather occurrences can easily damage them.  These ridge lights can become brittle and cloudy, or even loosen and fly off in the wind.  When you replace your old ridge lights for new ridge lights, you will find that the more modern materials used to construct these lights are more durable and do a better job of diffusing the light better.  This new material is polycarbonate, and you will be beyond impressed!


Widen The Door

Adding a new door, replacing windows, or even adding a new entry to a garage hobby shop in Ohio can be a great way to improve the usability and layout of a pole barn.  To extend a sliding door opening, you are going to have to remove the endwall steel to extend your doorframe width.  By moving your support column, you will be able to widen the door frame in your pole barn for better usability if you choose to do so.


Repair Your Trusses

Repairing and replacing your pole barn’s trusses can be extremely important to the lifespan of your pole barn.  If a tree, or some other heavy object, crashes into your pole barn’s roof and damages one of your trusses, you are able to add a truss alongside an existing truss previously damaged.  This is one of many situations when having a pole barn is so handy.  This repair can be treated more like an addition than a replacement and tends to make the owner’s lives much more comfortable when conducting these forms of maintenance and upkeep.

Construction Details

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